Space Glorious Space!

So the question of space has been on my mind a lot recently. I have been wondering about the fact that in our personal and professional lives TIME is the ultimate luxury – well in our homes and work spaces the ultimate luxury has to be SPACE. And so, as I feel I never have enough clear open space, and as clutter and stuff is something I battle with daily I am forever saying to myself, and anyone who will listen, – “I need more space”. But is that really true? Is it more the case that I need to de-clutter and use the space that I have more efficiently. I should probably be clearing visual clutter so it feels more open and available, usable and free-flowing. And then the cynic in me says…”sure all those houses in the interior magazines are gorgeous but there is not a shred of real life in most of them” They are picture perfect de-cluttered manicured gems, and I want that!

– but it may just take a lobotomy in my case!



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