My Boot obsession is rearing it’s ugly (but oh so tempting) head

So for a while now I have been lamenting the purging of my Texan boot collection. I have only ever confessed to a very few how many I ever had at my worst… and now it seems I see them everywhere and I covet every gorgeous pair. My real obsession started at University when I bought my first pair at Our Soles on the Kings Road in 1988 and they became part of my uniform. Years later living in the Midwest of the United States I was only an hour drive from vast warehouses full of these┬ábeauties and I spent shameful hours holding them, turning them over in my hands and trying to decide which pair I REALLY couldn’t live without. But it wasn’t just the supreme and fabulous custom made exotics that would catch my eye, I soon began to buy them on eBay, at garage sales, car boots, vintage fairs – friends even started buying them for me when they came across Texan boots that were unusual and my size. (But I have been known to wear boots that weren’t my size just because they were that fabulous) And so for the last few years my priorities have shifted, and also a stint in sweaty Miami made me turn from boots to flip flops … But now, even at the risk of putting my children’s education at risk….. (minus the ‘Alex exaggeration factor’ – cute huh??) I am going to start again. My geographical location is no longer ideal for finding boots at great prices and in amazing places but perhaps that will be part of the fun – and once I have gotten back in the saddle, so to speak, and I take myself off self-imposed maternity leave, I am going to get myself the most obscene, self indulgent (potentially not very PC) pair of gorgeous Texan boots with my first paycheck!!! See my priorities are perfect and unquestionable.

Viva la obsesion!!!

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